Can you describe Luys product offerings? 
Luys restroom occupancy system consists of a LS-101 Indicator Unit and a LS-201 Sensor Unit. The LS-101 is intended to be mounted outside of the restroom or stall. The LS-101’s LED is green when the stall/restroom is vacant and red when it is occupied. The units communicate wirelessly and are pre-paired at the factory, dramatically simplifying installation.

For those facilities that desire to access the Luys’ device data via Luys’ Cloud platform, Luys’ also offers its LS-400 Wireless Hub. The LS-400 contains a Bluetooth radio that connects to the LS-201 and has a Wi-Fi radio that securely connects via the available Wi-Fi network to Luys’ Cloud platform. The LS-400 plugs directly into a standard AC outlet.

How easy is it to install? 
Extremely fast and easy. Mounting of both units is simple and can be done in less than 10 minutes. No additional parts or tools are needed, and no wiring is required.

Is there any code approval required?
The LS-101 and LS-201 are FCC approved to ensure not interfering with other wireless devices. No other agency approvals are required for use in the North America.

What is the minimum and maximum number of units that can be installed? 
One Luys system is required per stall or restroom. There is no maximum number of units that can be deployed.

What maintenance is required? 
Other than battery replacement, no other maintenance is required. The LS-101 can be either powered by an AC/DC adaptor, that is included, or by use of AA alkaline batteries. The LS-201 runs on AA batteries. Based on Luys’ recommended LED settings, the LS-101 can exceed 1 year before battery replacement. The LS-201 exceeds 2 years before replacement is required. 

Is the product vandal proof? 
Yes. We have designed our unit to be vandal and tamper resistant. 

Can the units be installed in wet areas such as shower stalls?
We do not recommend using it in environments where water condensation is common or being exposed to pressure washing.

Where can Luys’ product be purchased?
Products are available for purchase directly from Luys’ website ( or, alternatively, you can contact Luys directly. 

I am a Distributor / Reseller. Can I resell Luys’ products?
If you are a Distributor interested in selling Luys’ products, please contact us.

Can the product be white labeled such that it has my brand on it instead of Luys?
Yes, under mutually agreeable conditions. Please contact Luys to discuss.