Restroom Occupancy Sensor System

Luys’ Restroom Occupancy Sensor System displays the occupancy status and captures environmental data for a bath stall or single user restroom. Each package contains an LS-101 Indicator Unit, LS-201 Sensor Unit, all necessary mounting hardware and components, batteries, and AC/DC adaptor.

Shipment Contains:
• LS-101 (1)
• LS-201 (1)
• Mounting Kit
• AC/DC Adaptor and Cable
• Batteries (9)

Contact Luys’ for volume discounts and extended warranty.


• Improve Hygiene
• Privacy and Security
• Enhance Facility’s Decor
• Securely Send Data to the Cloud

• LED Occupancy Indicator
• Multiple Environmental Sensors
• Two-Piece Design - Sensor Inside and Indicator Outside Room
• No Wiring
• Installs in Minutes

LS-400 Wireless Gateway and Luys’ Cloud Service

The LS-400 Wireless Gateway connects nearby LS-101/201 to the Internet. It has an internal Bluetooth radio to communicate to the LS-101/LS-201s and a Wi-Fi radio to access the local Wi-Fi network and to Luys’ Cloud Service. Once the data is received by Luys’ Cloud, all data can be forwarded to other Clouds or BMS. Over-the-air software updates can also be pushed from Luys’ Cloud to online LS-101/LS-201s.

 Please contact Luys to discuss your specific requirements.